The world we play in.


The world of Eberron is made up of six continents and a vast underworld:

Aerenal – Magical, tropical, island kingdom of the elves.
Argonnessen – Home of the dragons.
Everice – Antartica.
Khorvaire – Home to the Five Nations (and associated principalities).
Sarlona – Homeland of humanity. Now rigidly controlled by the Inspired.
Xen’drik – Homeland of the elves; now given over to tribes of drow, giants, and various monsters.
Khyber – Also known as the Underdark; Eberron’s underworld, existing beneath the continents and oceans.

Our adventure primarily takes place in the central region of Khorvaire, known as the Five Nations:

Aundair – The land of mages and fine wine, Aundair is characterized by a bon vivant lifestyle and has the most arcane academies and researchers of any nation.
Breland – Cosmopolitan and booming, Breland boasts a greater industrial capacity than any other nation. It remains, however, surprisingly isolationist.
Karrnath – Stolid and fierce, Karrnath is the preeminent military force in Khorvaire, but long winters and recent plagues have crippled its economy while infighting cripples its political machine.
Thrane – Home to the Silver Flame, Thrane is a religious paradise—unless you happen to be an unbeliever or look past the surface to see the brewing abuses of power that only a theocracy can hide.
Cyre – What is now the Mournland was once the artistic heartland of Khorvaire. Fashion, poetry, and art in every form flowed freely from Cyre, unifying Galifar’s culture as well as its aesthetics.

Southeast of Khorvaire is the small continent of Aerenal, ruled by elves. Due south is the jungle continent of Xen’drik which, while once ruled by an empire of giants, is now largely wilderness, with some areas under tribal dominion of the drow (dark elves), others ruled by primitive or patchwork tribes of giants, and the rest by monsters in various forms. Stormreach provides some semblance of civilization as well as a (relatively) safe base to adventure from, but nowhere in Xen’drik is truly free of peril.

Everice is the polar continent of the south and has been explored only superficially at best. The same can be said for her northern arctic sister Frostfell. The other two main continents are Argonnessen and Sarlona, from whence humanity came to Khorvaire whilst fleeing an ever-expanding cycle of civil wars and genocide. Now the continent is dominated by the Inspired who are autocrats of the highest order and known to be militantly xenophobic.

H3. Astronomy

The world of Eberron has twelve visible moons (meaning there is at least one full moon every 19 days or so); some sages believe there is a thirteenth moon that has vanished or is invisible to the naked eye, but obviously that becomes rather difficult to prove since it can’t be seen.
It is also occasionally possible to see the planet’s rings, called the Rings of Siberys, from whence come Siberys dragonshards.

H3. Creation myth

In the beginning were three great dragons that created the universe: Siberys, Eberron, and Khyber. Yet over the span of eons, the dragons began to drift apart. Siberys sought to bring light into everything he did, Khyber developed a taste for cruelty, and while Eberron tried to maintain the balance, she could not prevent the coming clash between her brothers. Siberys was dashed to pieces by Khyber’s crazed violence and Eberron, knowing that Khyber had to be stopped, but lacking the strength to do it on her own, smothered him in her coils. Siberys, drawing on what remained of his strength, surrounded both in order to aid Eberron the best he could.

Thus, Siberys—as well as the sky where he dwells—became known as the Dragon Above, Eberron is termed the Dragon Between, and Khyber is the Dragon Below. Each is also considered the progenitor of its constituent species: Siberys of the dragons, Eberron of the humanoids and “lesser races,” and Khyber of the monsters and dreadful things beneath the earth.


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