Storm Warning

Welcome to the Daask Group
Daask Group

The beginning of our adventure started with a journey to solve a murder. The team was tasked to figure out who had killed the heir of Lyrandar by the higher ups of the House Lyrandar and Dox was put in charge of the team. Dox led the group to the morgue where nothing was determined about his death so the team decided to go to the dead man’s apartment where they witnessed two different groups of thugs. One group of thugs was standing on the street watching the apartment complex and the others ran out of the complex fairly quickly after the group heard a loud explosion coming the area of the apartment complex. The group then ran up the stairs of the complex and put out the fire. Dulos discovered the dead man’s journal where the group then broke the code of the first page of a journal, which led them to a warehouse.

Upon entering the warehouse, the group faced challenge after challenge. At the fourth challenge, the team met an elf named Thordas. The elf was stuck and needed help to continue through the challenge and finish what he claimed was a training exercise. Once the challenges were all completed, the group realized that they had just gone through an initiation for the criminal organization Daask Group. The group was thengiven the option to either join Daask or die, so they joined. They were then sent on a mission for Daask where they were told to collect the organization’s drug of choice, Dragon’s Blood, from its source in Droaam.

Before arriving at the airship that would take them to Droaam, the group sold Enos’s identification papers for a magic orb. On arriving at the docks, Enos failed to blend in and was locked up as an impostor, but the rest of the group joined the crew. While flying to Droaam, a House Lyrandar ship attacked the pirates, putting the group in a tough spot. Dulos solved the issue by mind controlling the captain and putting the rest of the ship’s crew to sleep. Once the Lyrandar ship came alongside, the group gave over gave over the pirates, except for the captain in order for them to be able to get to the location of the source. Once in Droaam, the group traveled to the source and faced many more encounters until they reached the cavern where they met a group of dwarves crafting what was presumably Dragon’s Blood and they sent Dulos over to learn how to create the drug. Dulos was told that the drake is one of a kind and is the only source for Dragon’s Blood. After a proper distraction by Dox and Dulos taking the magic from the chains holding the drake, Dagordae broke the drake free and the group is currently heading out of the back of the cave to get to freedom with Dulos riding the drake.

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